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BSJ is a 9k MMR Dota 2 player whose streams have been viewed over 25M times. He is well known for his educational YouTube content and coaching series. A professional content creator for Team Liquid, Brian currently plays on Fart Studios in Valve’s Dota Professional Circuit.

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From crafting captivating content for Team Liquid to competing as a player in Valve’s Dota Professional Circuit with Fart Studios, BSJ’s expertise extends beyond the game. As a highly respected coach, charismatic caster, and insightful analyst, he brings a wealth of knowledge and entertainment to the Dota 2 community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BSJ stands for BananaSlamJamma. Brian’s basketball teammates in high school gave him the nickname “Canavan the Bananaman”. So, he is a Banana that also Slams and Jams.

BSJ currently lives in Utrecht, Netherlands. He moved there to be a part of Team Liquid as a streamer and content creator. BSJ grew up in Arizona, USA and played the majority of his Dota career in NA.

You can currently purchase bundles of 4-30 minute coaching sessions for $260.

You can join the waitlist for coaching by going to You will be put next in line but spots only open up when current students cancel.

All of BSJs coaching sessions are conducted live on twitch @ They are also uploaded to as well as for all Twitch subscribers (including prime).

BSJ has streamed on Twitch since February 2015, he has uploaded regular YouTube content since January 2020, and he has been coaching ever since he started!

BSJs highest rank was rank 14 NA and rank 41 EU back in 2018. His highest ever MMR was 9870 which he achieved in October 2022.

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